Friday, October 14, 2011

woooahh has a lot changed since. Well for starters Don, is now my FIANCE =) =) yes yes his whole moving to NJ to follow me was all for a reason and at the time i had no idea what that reason was.. NOW here we are almost a year later, Back in SC back in our house and getting hitched. On June 30, 2012 to be exact. 

I already have my dress, the church picked out, the reception venue picked out, bridesmaids dresses bought, rings picked out.... (we're pretty on top of this) Now comes the fun part.. the decor part.. Luckily our venue is very well designed/decorated so we don't have to bring in a ton of over the top mish mash to make this place rock.. we just have to bring our dancing shoes and our friends/family and the party will be perfect. 

lately, ive been trying to create better work outfits. better meaning dressier.. i always wear flats.. when i wear heels i feel SOO important hah.. For a couple weeks i felt like my work wardrobe has gone under. literally i feel like i wear the same things over and over! 

Im DONE with that! i've been trying to freshen up my work wardrobe and not spend a ton of money or any money at all.. (being that im saving every PENNY for this wedding.. which is 38 weeks away) i can't wait any longerr!!