Thursday, December 23, 2010

Why Hello There....

My name is Lauren and i am proud to say that I am a true Jersey Girl. Born and raised i've been a resident since 1987. Over the past 3 years i lived in Myrtle Beach and earned my Bachelor's degree in Marketing. 

This past September i decided to move North again and startmy life in 'the real world'. It wasn't as easy as it seems. Besides leaving warm, sunny, and fun South Carolina, I left my boyfriend, our place, and my little pupyy Kali Girl. Little did I know my love would soon decide to follow me =) We now are living together in a small but very affordable apartment in my hometown. 

I landed my first full time job as well as working at PF Changs to earn some extra cash. Luckily, Don (my boyfriend) landed 2 jobs and will be attending school part-time come January.

I decided to build this blog to share anything along the lines of fashion, food, and fun. =)

Here's to a New Year and starting my first blog.

Me & Don July '10