Thursday, October 20, 2011

Today's weather is my absolute favorite kind. i love when it's a tad chilly, but the sun is out so it warms you up a little but you have to wear pants and maybe a light jacket/cardi.. i just love it <3 

i'm really looking forward to this weekend well i look forward to every weekend ;) but you know what i mean. tonight me and hubby are doing dinner at p.f changs. i host there on the weekends to save up a little extra cash for the wedding so i get a nice generous discount when i go in with family =) yummm im super excited.  

i had a small lunch today so i'm drooling over crab wontons and it's only 430.. i have about 2 hours until i can eat dinner.. ahh The wedding is June 30, 2012. i love that date 6/30/12. isn't it pretty?? let's just say i can have this wedding tomorrow with all of the planning i've done already =) it makes me nervous that i have so much done arleady.. what if i change my mind about something eeek it makes me cringe. and then there are the nightmares i have at least twice a week! 

my worst nightmare so far has been the one where my dress is wrinkly and i did my hair myself.. haha i guess those are my biggest worries and that might be why i am waking up at 3 am and so happy that it was all just a dream.. eh im trying to relax with the wedding thinking/planning for a couple days to see if these 'dreams' go away =) 

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